My Java Journal

A Premature Conclusion To A First Version Of The Transition Tour

It is almost 2 am on Sunday morning, today. I have just finished an exhausting 900-mile, 18 and a half hour straight-shot from Cincinnati, Ohio to Ottawa. I had to make a decision while looking west from the American Gateway to the West, St. Louis, Missouri. I decided to return home. A premature conclusion to the intended Transition Tour.

There was a reason to do so, and it is a good reason, but it doesn’t need explaining here. Everything is fine though.

The Transition Tour is not done; it will continue. It will just need to take another form.

For now, I need to sleep. I previously wrote a post covering the first several days. It was not intended to be pushed out, but since I cannot muster the energy to write much more, I will link it here for you – Everybody’s got plans …

Starting Monday, I will write a daily piece to capture the days not covered, as well as the ongoing stories from the modified Transition Tour. I will then summarize this all next week for the usual Sunday distribution. So, there is still more to come. Stay with me on Instagram too, and I’ll continue to hit coffeehouses and share tales.

I learnt a lot; about solo motorcycle travels, about Instagram, about coffeehouse concepts, and maybe most importantly, about priorities. The fact is I got on my motorcycle and covered almost 3000 miles over the course of a week and a bit. I visited coffeehouses and took notes.

I learned a long time ago to control that which you can, and to not stress that which you cannot. It applied to this decision to turn back and it was a necessary perspective to inform that decision.

It is what it is.

And now, it is bedtime …