I have a long-held dream to open a coffeehouse. This has been my Pursuit of Happiness.

Along the way though, I discovered that I take considerable joy in the pursuit itself.

Once I started to appreciate the happiness I drew from the journey, my goal became more a beacon than an end-state – The Happiness of Pursuit.

In working towards this dream, I have rediscovered creativity. I find I am becoming a truer, more passionate version of myself through the expression of this creativity.

Now, with the support of my family and with my career behind me, I find creativity has truly become my muse. With a clarity that comes from experience, growth and maturity, I now enjoy the focus, and the means, to chase a dream without becoming slave to it.

The dream is the beacon that keeps me on course; the creativity and personal growth allow me branch from that course and become the best version of myself I can.

I will continue to work towards my dream. My Java Journal is my platform to reflect on my growth, experience and journey as I find happiness in the pursuit.

Welcome, to My Java Journal.

Join me as I reflect on this next chapter of my life and my journey in chasing a dream.