My Java Journal

Becoming Barista

The Craft story-line will be a more visual thread to share what I learn as I develop as a barista. It will showcase my developing skills in the barista art. I have invested in a remarkable espresso machine and grinder; a beautiful setup to assist in my education. I have only attended one class to date but I expect to take many more as I continue to advance my skill.

I am very keen to ‘get my hands dirty’ and intimately learn this craft. I hope to develop a robust understanding of coffee along the way. Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Everything about opening this business has been exciting and sees me trying to follow Gandhi’s wisdom; from learning about coffee to developing as an entrepreneur. I now embark on a risky journey in opening a coffeehouse, but I am oriented towards a goal I see as a necessary part of the life I want to live, and the legacy I want to leave. This learning is a new addiction. I can’t seem to take in enough information; about coffee, about business, about myself, and about the entrepreneurial spirit that I am finding is quite insatiable.

The hands-on aspects of this journey are critical to me. I have been tied to a desk and the stale environments of an office for too long. I am still keen to learn and work the grey matter, but my hands need to get dirty, stressed, and calloused. It started with those first moments of getting the milk steamed right; it was exhilarating when that steamed milk first broke the surface creating a beautiful snow-white dot in the center of the mug. I now enjoy my most recent (although often failed) attempts at more intricate displays of latte art; like the swan. I will share these as I create them, and hopefully show a developing skill.