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The Most Valuable Gift Is Your Time: Spend It With Dad

The Most Valuable Gift Is Your Time: Spend It With Dad.

I saved and printed this noteworthy phrase, which now consequently lives on my refrigerator.

That’s it. Your time. It’s all I ever really desire or need. Being present in a moment with anyone is significant. With your spouse it is to be cherished, but there are many years to share with your life partner. With your kids, it needs to be savoured and appreciated as there are only so many moments before they grow and move on.

I love being a dad. I love my girls. For me, fatherhood epitomizes Happiness. Certainly, there are challenges, but man, what a trip!

Previously, I have written about my takeaway, that moment that defines for me what it’s like to be alive on this planet. After much contemplation, I determined that it was watching as my kids challenge themselves and overcome their fears and doubts. More than that though, is hoping I had some influence or part to play in their triumphs; a positive impact on them and their path in life. Having a positive and tangible impact on their lives, I consider profoundly rewarding.

So much is written about Happiness, and how it is found in a journey, or through purposefulness, and in finding meaningfulness in life. To point, Aristotle suggests that a good life is one that is meaningful and purposeful. Fatherhood offers all this, and so much more.

I am a father. I prefer being a dad. This is something I work hard at and take very seriously. I try to be deliberate in my approach. Mistakes are made – often. There is no guide to this fatherhood journey. I love it though, and certainly cannot imagine my life any other way than through fatherhood.

Being a dad is a privilege I do not take lightly. If you are a dad reading this I salute you. I hope you appreciate this privilege and find joy in your role and journey. In addition, I say thank you. It’s not easy. But, you are not alone. The world needs dads. Be the best one you can be and enjoy the ride.

If you’re a mom reading this, to you I also say thank you. What I contemplate here is not intended to overshadow your important role, function, and purpose; indeed, we are a team. Just know that we dads take our role with sincere gravitas.

If you’re a son or daughter reading this, I likewise say, thank you. Thank you for giving us dads this treasured opportunity. It is my purpose and meaning, my greatest fulfillment, to be a dad. Know we love you. Please be patient though, and understand that we try.

Your time is, truly, the best gift; it is all I ever want for Father’s Day.

To sum, I offer gratitude. Thank you to my wife, for birthing the greatest joys in our lives. Thank you to my family for being a supportive and active part of this journey. And today, thank you dad, you’ve been an important influence on all I do and the man, and dad that I have become. And to my beautiful children, thank you for being the bright lights guiding my purpose, but more importantly, for letting me a be a dad and not just a father.

Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there.