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On Charity: Finding Joy And Purpose In Giving

Fully committed to Movember and The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

If you are reading this as intended, on Sunday morning of 29 September, than I am out on my motorcycle riding as part of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. By all accounts it is a sunny day and perfect for my dapper threads and lighter riding apparel.

Between preparing for the Class of 91 show last night, and getting myself and bike ready for this morning’s ride, I can’t dig too deep into this week’s blog post. Therefore, I won’t belabour things, however I did want to expound on charity for a moment; and once again offer my gratitude. It is amazing all the great support and generosity I enjoyed from family, friends, colleagues and community. A special thanks to Anabia Cupcakery Cafe and Morning Owl Manotick. Both businesses allowed me to pitch from, and use their establishments for my fundraising efforts. They also donated generously.

I set a goal of $2500 for my efforts this year. I thought for sure I’d meet that mark, but never did I think that I would double it. As of this writing I am sitting at $4844 and have a pending donation from the patrons in attendance at the Class of 91 show at Anabia’s last night; this will push my fundraising efforts past $5000 and double my set goal! A special mention needs to go to Mary and Ella for their spontaneous generosity.

Next year is going to be a real challenge. This I am grateful for. I will most certainly be setting my goal for next year higher than $5000.

Now that I have a proper smartphone, I will be taking many pictures during today’s ride. I will be pushing these out on Instagram and you can see those pictures here on this site’s Gallery as well. There are some pretty amazing vintage bikes that participate, and of course everyone is in their best and most dapper threads. Follow along today and see what this is all about. Find some inspiration perhaps, and it’s not too late to donate (you can sponsor me here). It’s a great cause, and an important one.

As always, gratitude.

The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others. – Homer