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Class Of 91 Gets Loud: Debut On The Ottawa Bar Scene

Friday night saw my return to the bar scene. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the band – Class of 91. Our debut on the Ottawa bar scene was an incredible night. Not only were we able to share the stage with two other talents that were both very good, they were also just really great guys.

For me, the biggest difference with this experience from past ones was that our set was built on original songs. My other experiences were with mostly cover songs. Now, I personally didn’t write our original music. We have a band member who is just knocking it out with some great writing and chord progressions.

I am however, excited to have a couple songs written, which I will introduce to the band before our next show; coming in September. I have some chords for the songs but I am not happy yet. I am hoping the band can collectively build something comparable out of it. Regardless, the creative process is cathartic and the opportunity to share original work is exhilarating. Honestly, it is a great feeling to put a little of yourself out there, where the possibility of failure, and the risk of rejection only heighten the affair.

In September we will be back at Anabia Cupcakery Café for another show. We will try to include another act or two to fill the evening, and hopefully we can flesh out the set list with more originals. Having a great location to play, and the support of some truly genuine people more than rewards the risk and effort.

All-in-all a great summer. September will see kids back to school and the return to work for the masses. I’m going to step back a bit for September and let the migration settle before picking up the pace again. I am looking forward to the break. I had heard it said, by many a retiree, how they wondered how they ever fit work into their busy schedules. Too true, I feel the same. But, I love it.

Still, a weekend or two free of work will recharge the batteries. As usual, my Home page details all my upcoming events and shows; and these events are always the merrier the more participation there is. If you haven’t been out to a Trivia Night, or Open Mic, they are fun nights and particularly exciting have been the Music Bingo nights. Of course, the Class of 91 shows are a must see.

A quick note that I am currently fully engaged in fundraising for my primary annual fundraiser. I will be riding with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride again this year to raise funds, and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. This is my priority fundraising effort and the one I have decided to commit myself to annually. I’d like to profoundly surpass my goal of $2500. Click here to go to my sponsorship site.

Gratitude. Have a great Sunday.