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Community: One Key To Happiness And Purpose

Community It is 1 am. My blog post will push at 3 am. That gives me two hours. Normally, I’d have a skeleton drafted, or at least an idea to write from. This week was busy and today was a packed day though, and I am just back from an event that I attended in support to family, friends and community. I am therefore, writing this post on the fly and without a clear objective. It would seem this stream of consciousness is orienting me towards the topic of this event from which I just returned. So I guess I will ride that wave; here we go…

I am finding in retirement that besides my renewed creativity, I am drawing great purpose and satisfaction in becoming more involved in community. Whether it is meeting new people through the events I host and attend, or just from the knowledge that my efforts are supporting (and hopefully advancing) local small business, this tangible sense of community is rewarding. I had read previously, in The Little Book of Lykke, that Togetherness (or rather, the sense of Community) is one of the 5 Keys to Happiness. I feel this is very much true. Attending this event tonight certainly gave me that sense of Community and Happiness. The other keys to Happiness, according to Lykke, are:

  • Health
  • Freedom
  • Trust
  • Kindness

I won’t address the rest of these keys in this post, but I will share quickly that Health consistently lands as a top priority for me. Whether in striving for Happiness, Living Forward, or in defining my life’s goals, with Health, you have the foundation to be active in contributing to and benefiting from community, to enjoy your Freedom, and to actively promote Kindness.

So tonight then; a relative/friend was performing at the opening of a new live music cafe. Unique to this cafe was that it is housed in a church; and not just any church; a biker church. This is the first church I have ever been to with a pool table and a merchandise/swag shop. Also unique was the fact that this music venue is a ‘dry’ one – no alcohol. This cafe, The Embassy Ottawa,  is an initiative of the Lionhearts Inc., which is an organization that collects donated food and clothing to be distributed to those that are marginalized and disenfranchised within the community. Tonight they opened their second live music cafe, this one being the Ottawa branch; the first is in Kingston.

I suppose I have two objectives in the writing of this post. The first, to share this great initiative and help spread the word, and promote support. In the links throughout this post you will find what you need if you are so inclined. The music was amazing and the night very enjoyable. I would suggest that even to just show up would be a great show of support.

Secondly, I guess my intent is to, more generally, encourage active contribution to your community.  Whether it is buying from and supporting local small business, or making your donations direct to your community; after a life of bouncing around the world, I can confidently offer that I am finding a great sense of meaning, purpose and satisfaction in becoming more active in my ‘immediate’ community. Food for thought.

That’s it. I am tired and off to bed. Pop on over to my site to see when and where I am next hosting, and participating within my community.

Happy Sunday.