My Java Journal

A Different Kind Of Honest Days Work: Finding Inspiration in John Muir

I couldn’t be happier. Twenty-nineteen is proving quite refreshing so far. I was privileged to work with amazing people doing incredible work in years past. It was honest work and it was very rewarding. I wouldn’t replace that experience for anything. Really, I am the person I am today because of those people and influences. I am grateful to each and every person and experience along my way to this point. My intention here is to share a different kind of ‘honest days work,’ and a view from the other side. That, and to implore everyone to get outside and break the routine and detriment of office work.

One thing I continue to adapt to is the transition from a sedentary office existence to the physical demands of working out-of-doors, and with my hands. I reiterate, I couldn’t be happier. I only lament what we all already know is wrong with office work; and so totally a violation of what the human body was designed to do. Now that I am moving again, it is clear to me that there is some conditioning needed to undo years of damage from desks and chairs. I move now though, and I feel alive.

To feel alive and active, to feel naturally human again, oh, words cannot express. I move, I breathe fresh air and I see the world without barrier; this was so worth the leap.

“The mountains are calling & I must go & I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.” This full(er) version of  John Muir’s well-known quote plays out in my head every day now. The latter part of this quote “…& I will work on while I can, studying incessantly” is just so inspiring and such a worthy mantra to live by. It meshes nicely with Gandhi’s, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” But the mountains, oh, the mountains; so exciting, so … liberating.

I am on the ski hills several times a week now. I am interacting and meeting new people everyday. Such a beneficial experience. It’s not (physically) easy, and the days are long, but when measured against the years, which are short (and they are), and given the years of ‘office damage’ that needs to be undone, there is just no better feeling in the world than this type of out-of-doors work . Who could have known minimum wage could be so rewarding, and so therapeutic. If you can, I implore you, get outside, everyday. The mountains are calling. If you can hear them, and I know you can, I urge you to listen and get outside and explore.

Alright, enough of that. A little preachy maybe, and for that I apologize, but, if even one reader abandons the office for a skate, walk or ski, then I will have achieved my objective.

Quickly then, the coffee business. The first dollar has come in! We are in business! Two years to generate, but so rewarding. I have two leads on VW campers; one in Ottawa, and one in Saskatchewan. I will keep you posted as I research and negotiate these two findings. Concurrently, I am working on some roasting options. The first order of silk-screened t-shirts was delivered this week. I tell you, once the creative juices are allowed to start flowing, and the body is allowed to move naturally, the desire to work becomes evermore exhilarating. I feel so productive, and not just the busy I was accustomed to. It’s amazing how much can be done when there are no meetings or emails to contend with.

I just now returned from hosting the first Saturday night trivia at Anabia Cupcakery Cafe. A sold out event and an amazing night. Persistence and adaptability are paying off. Open mic again next Friday, 1 Feb, and I’ll promote the next trivia next week.

Have an awesome Sunday. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. January 21st, the bluest day of the year, is behind us now. Next stop – Spring. It’s still cold, I know. Walk to the closest coffeehouse then, and warm yourself with a nice hot latte. Winterlude is just around the corner, and the ice is perfect. Snow conditions on the hills are getting better. If you are going to stay inside, I get it, but at least consider trying to enjoy this wonderful season, and all that Canada, and Ottawa have to offer.

As for me? The mountains are calling & I must go.