My Java Journal

It Was In Bobcaygeon. Sorta Rhymes With Constellation


I’m just back from an overnight road trip to Bobcaygeon. It is a destination that was thrown into the spotlight by The Tragically Hip and their song that names this beautiful and quaint town.

The story goes that it was named in the song being the only destination with a name that closely rhymed with the word constellation; a part of the lyrics in the song.

It doesn’t rhyme exactly. Close enough.


I started sharing stories not long ago. It began with my recounting a ‘lost’ story. In keeping with that theme, here’s a more recent story; keeping them from getting lost.

Bobcaygeon has long been on my ‘bucket list’ of places to get to. My wife and I were close to Bobcaygeon once, entirely by accident; and when we should have been many, many miles from it. But that’s another story.

Two years ago I intended to overnight there on a motorcycle trip to Tobermory. My bike broke down before I could get there and I had to turn around for home to deal with that. Then, COVID. More recently, I again found myself in the area, but this time I made a quick stop with a friend. That short visit was enough to motivate me to return and fulfill this bucket list destination, properly.

These kinds of sojourn sometimes take some effort. Sometimes a reason or purpose is needed to spur action. Other times, they are just moments of serendipity. When they aren’t though, the effort to make these small moments a reality can be real treasures, very much worth the endeavour.

Oh, Canada!

We live in a beautiful country. Each province with its own charm, paragons of uniqueness. We’ve been locked down for so long now, travel to farther, or international destinations is only slowly emerging as possible. There are, however, so many places to go and to explore nearby. Where small businesses and locals, our neighbours, are desperately in need of support. Not to mention, the beautiful roads and countryside that gets us to these destinations that is gorgeous and worthy of exploring in their own rights.

Fresh Air

Stage 3 is a breath of fresh air. I encourage you to get outside, get on the road, and take full advantage of a summer that has now just become one we can explore and share with friends and family. Happy Stage 3!

Remember to stay safe, be kind, and be patient; and get out there and live this summer.