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Knowledge Is Power Foundation: My First Podcast

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

This weekend I am sharing my story with the Knowledge Is Power Foundation (KiP). The foundation, in their words,

strives to promote a modern social change agenda through FREE knowledge-sharing, education, and advocacy’.

I will share my journey; from an established military career to a pursuit of passion, and how I give back to my community.

Although I am not entirely comfortable being bestowed the honourific, Community Leader, I’ll accept it. I trust I can offer something of value to the narrative. Certainly, I too believe that knowledge need necessarily be shared, and is a cornerstone to education, advocacy, and change.

An Unconventional Path

I do recognize that my story deviates from more conventional paths. My early ‘retirement’ to pursue my passions, to some, is considered unorthodox. It is risky and didn’t come without considerable consideration of that risk. However, for me, this is the path I’ve chosen and will accept the consequences of it; good and bad.

I enjoyed my career immensely, but I discovered, on reflection, the irony that the stability I couldn’t cement whilst earning a good salary as a professional is now better accessible and more in my control having left it.

My military career shares the same timeline as my family one; where I met my wife, married, bought our first home, and had kids. Consequently, it is clear to me now that as the priority of my family increased, my career, as priority, decreased.

Giving Back

So, I happily take this opportunity to share some lessons learned through my growth, my travels, my military career and my transition from it and to the passions I now explore. However, it is also an opportunity to further spread the word and solicit support for my current fundraising efforts with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, and their charity partner, Movember.

I’ll leave this here with a promotional clip for the podcast (click image below). I will announce it’s release here and on my Instagram account. If you subscribe to KiP or follow their Instagram you will be sure to catch the interview as well.

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