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Livin’ Life: Finishing A Great Month Of Fundraising

Hammin’ it up during 70s Music Bingo at Anabia Cupcakery Cafe, 22 June 2019

A great finish to a great month; livin’ life to the fullest. So, that’s it, June is done. David (owner of Anabia Cupcakery Cafe) is going to finish up the 500 km of riding he committed to, and we will have no problem reaching his goal of raising $2500 for SickKids, and the fight against kids’ cancer. We’ve been fundraising through The Great Cycle Challenge Canada all month, and with a week left, and Anabia’s pending $500 donation, he will have no problem meeting that goal.

We held a lot of events this month, and it was a blast. We are, however, cancelling our final Open Mic for next weekend. Summer is having an unanticipated impact and we need to adapt; but, we finished on a high note with our 70s Music Bingo. It was a packed house, and it was really just a ton of fun.

So, July and August will present some challenges as we try to figure out the clear effect summer will have on our usual events. Regardless, we will figure it out and hold some amazing, but likely fewer, events over the summer.

If I may though, we nailed this last Musical Bingo. The outfits and playlist were completely on mark, and the whole vibe was just perfect. David has created such a warm and intimate environment; every event is like a big group of friends coming together for a party.

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Anyway, once again I am putting this post together as the clock ticks down the hours and minutes until my post goes out. I had written a different post than this during the week, but such a great night needs to be shared. Therefore, I am abandoning my planned post and will instead post it in the coming weeks, where I will provide an update on the loose ends in my blog threads: the VW bus search; the jeans shadow box; the book club; my business aspirations, generally; and of course, the progress of my Happiness Project.

Overall, life is good. Lots going on.

If I may, and I will, because it is apropos given tonight’s 70s theme, I offer this parting quote on life:

“You just gotta keep on livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N.” – David Wooderson, character from Dazed and Confused

Keep it simple and get out there and enjoy.