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Memories From Kingston – The Limestone City

Upcoming Events

This week I am going to start by promoting some upcoming events at Anabias. I’ve hosted two successful acoustic open mic nights and the next one is 16 November starting at 8 pm. New to the Anabia events list is the Trivia Night I will be hosting. The inaugural Trivia Night will be 8 November starting at 7 pm. Spots are limited so reserve yours now by going to the Anabia Facebook site and sending David a message letting him know how many seats you need. The second Trivia Night will be 22 November.

Experiences (continued)

So after my time in Bosnia the next war zone to occupy my attention was Afghanistan. I have already touched on Afghanistan and the coffee rituals I developed there so I won’t continue to beat that horse. Back on the home-front though, we had moved to Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston remains one of my favourite cities. Situated on Lake Ontario and directly across from the USA it is absolutely beautiful. The Limestone City is the home of the Tragically Hip, and enjoys a proud military heritage. With some great historical sites to visit, it also hosts some great coffeehouses.

I affectionately recall memories of Springer Market Square. Considered the Heart of Kingston it is located at City Hall and in the winter becomes an outdoor skating surface, and a great destination for evenings out with the family. Adjacent to it was a coffeehouse called Sipps. This was a place I would often take the kids for hot chocolate, and for me coffee, after an evening skate. I haven’t been there for years and am not sure it is still there, but the memory is fond.

One of the best things about Kingston is its small size. It was never an onerous task to get in the car and head into the downtown core. Sure the traffic can be bad during the rush hours but it passes and can be a scenic drive depending on the route you take.

Directly across from Springer Market Square is Morrison‘s. This is more ‘greasy spoon’ then coffeehouse, but it is an experience. A great ‘morning after’ breakfast spot, you’re not going to get an espresso but it will serve up hot filtered coffee with your bacon and eggs. Really though, you go for the experience. It gets busy, but worth it.

Probably our most loved spot is Pan Chancho Bakery & Cafe. With an amazing patio, and wonderful food offerings, this is our go-to coffeehouse in Kingston. Make the trek and you will not be disappointed. You can also pick up some delicious bakery items on your way out to take home.

Often we will still go to Pan Chancho and just build a visit to Kingston around that destination, vice going for another reason and adding Pan Chancho to the agenda.

It doesn’t end there though. Take a walk up Princess Street and there are many more shops to explore. Try Balzac’s Coffee on your way to Stone City Ales for a nice walk up Princess and some great coffee and beer, and many boutique shops.

We weren’t in Kingston very long, and my time was interrupted with another tour to Afghanistan, but if you’re looking for a day trip to a city with much to offer on all fronts Kingston is one city that keeps bringing us back.

I hope to see some of you at Anabia’s in the coming weeks. Have a wonderful Sunday. Get outside and enjoy the autumn!