My Java Journal

The following is a collection of my writings. These stories share how I got to where I am and are an introduction to where I am going.


Rosetta or tulip? Developing the Craft

Ah, that first moment getting the milk steamed right and having that beautiful snow-white circle of milk break the surface of crema. My first success wasn’t really beautiful but it…
The Set Up

Becoming Barista

The Craft story-line will be a more visual thread to share what I learn as I develop as a barista. It will showcase my developing skills in the barista art.…

Building a Business

With the Business thread you will learn that the first Business Plan for my coffeehouse was drawn up in 2005. More a sketch than a full picture, but conceptually that…
Success at last

Chasing a Dream

This Dream of mine, to open a coffeehouse, goes back some 14 years now. It is the result of several convergent factors and it has stood the test of time.…