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On Charity: Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2020

Me and my Triumph, ready to go. Day 1 of fundraising, 1 August 2020 (📸 @saharareddog13)


I will carry on with my exploration of adventure next week. This week I am announcing my 2020 fundraising effort for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – and their charity partner, Movember Foundation. This is my third consecutive year and this is my priority fundraising initiative.

I was late getting started in 2018, but still raised almost $1000. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a global ride to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. Last year, 2019, with a much more focused effort, I blew past my goal of raising $2500 and finished one of the top 100 fundraisers (of 116,000); raising more than $5000.


My planned goal for 2020 was $10,000. Music events, and trivia and bingo nights were lined up. Then …


A Different Kind Of Ride

For 2020, the ride is being done solo. Still a global initiative, there will be no city, nor organized group rides – only solo rides. I have thought hard about how best to approach the ride this year. I have decided to keep that $10,000 goal. It’s just going to have to be done using a different tact, and much creativity.

So, here we go. No trivia nor bingo nights. Music will be challenging, but I’ll find a way. To start then, I am putting up my beard and moustache on the chopping block for this 2020 fundraising effort. Here’s how it is going to work:

The Sacrifice

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride sets up personalized fundraising pages for each rider. To make it easy, just hit the blue link, here – DGR – to get to my page.

As part of the online donation process you will be prompted to add your name and a message (both optional), which will show publicly; you can choose Anonymous, as well.

In the (optional) message though, I’d ask that you write one of the three following options you choose to support with respect to my facial hair. Just write the word, then following it up with any message you might wish to share.

(This is your chance to get rid of this beard, for those of you who so badly want it gone).

  1. Beard – By voting Beard you are voting for my beard to remain for the rest of this year. I will not cut, trim nor modify it from this point forward, nor any point after until New Year’s Eve of 2020.
  2. Moustache – By voting Moustache you are voting for me to remove my beard, but keep the handlebar moustache. This I will maintain in a most gentlemanly way – trimmed, waxed, and curled. This too will remain until New Year’s Eve of 2020.
  3. Clean – By voting Clean you are voting for me to shave my beard and moustache completely. I will then shave daily (with the exceptions of weekends) and I will maintain this clean-shaven face until New Year’s Eve of 2020.

You can see an example on my personalized page if you scroll down to the Sponsors list (look for the donation and message I provided as an example – where I voted for the Beard).

The option that has the highest dollar value associated to it will be the one I adopt for the ride and the remainder of 2020. Only submissions received by the day before the ride (26 September 2020) will be accepted, as I will then prepare my face for the ride on 27 September.


DGR 2019 -With great moustache comes great responsibility (📸 @saharareddog13)
Get Involved

Please, forward this post, and share the link. Encourage your friends and family to donate and vote. Together, let’s meet that $10,000 goal for this very worthy cause.

Come on down to Morning Owl Manotick and order the signature drink and treats we will be announcing this week; which Morning Owl is again kindly donating a portion of.

Off To A Great Start

As I publish this post, on day one of my fundraising efforts, we are just shy of the first $1000 milestone ($843 CAD).


My donation page is active now. Here’s the link again – DGR – over to you – and again, thank you.

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