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On Spring: Heralding In The Season

This weekend the boat launches in Ottawa opened! Phase one of a return to some sense of normalcy begins, as does Spring.

This is the Victoria Day weekend in Canada. Otherwise known as the May 2-4 weekend, or May long-weekend. Whatever you want to refer to it as, it marks, at least here in Canada, the ‘real’ start to Spring. We plant our gardens on this weekend; with little fear of frost to damage the effort. Those with cottages open them this weekend; and beers are hoisted aplenty. It is this weekend too, that usually signals the beginning to the end of the school year.

This year, we enter the long weekend after 9 weeks of pandemic lock-down. A lock-down that has made every weekend an awkward, seemingly never-ending, longish-weekend. Only, today (as I write this), the boat launches opened. Golf courses (not that I care at all), parks (for the most part), and even some retail stores opened this weekend as well. It may not be the same traditional and euphoric commencement of Spring that the May long-weekend would normally herald, but I’ll take it.

In fact, despite lacking the warm and sunny Saturday that was the forecast, I still got out on the river to kayak. It was warm enough. Although completely overcast and with a formidable headwind, I covered eight kilometers; and it felt amazing. I followed that up with a short motorcycle ride and then a hike on one of the now accessible trails – I looked to Victoria (how apropos) at Girl Gone Good to get me on the right path (puns intended!).

As I sit and write this following a Saturday of activities I won’t again take for granted, the clouds are just setting in again and foretell a Sunday that will be much the same. And similarly, I will get out regardless and take full advantage; even if it means getting soaked, and perhaps dealing with a little chill in the bones.

I was intending to dig deep on the blog today. I have last week’s post which I forgot to post, and I wrote another this week that I thought would resonate well. This week though, you will just have to accept my overture of gratitude for a (still) healthy family, a long-weekend – regardless its diminished celebratory sense – and my wish to you that, whether you are here in Canada enjoying this weekend, or elsewhere, that you have a wonderful and safe time with family and, if possible, friends. As for me, I am out, this is the last time I will be touching my laptop this weekend; there is a new season before me and I must move this body (and mind) in nature. Sunday will be another day on water, trail, or saddle and likely conclude with pints around the fire.

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Stevenson

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