My Java Journal

On Time: Reflecting On Another Year Gone

Time to reflect on another birthday come and gone. This week, on the heels of the American Thanksgiving and with the holiday season upon us I want only to express gratitude. That, and share some of the wonderful things I am looking forward to in 2020.

First, let me express how lucky I feel. Another birthday down but I am grateful to have been with family and friends again this year. I have missed many birthdays, anniversaries and holidays over the years. If the only gift I was ever to get again was time with family and friends, it would be enough. More than enough.

Secondly, I did not express Thanksgiving well-wishes to my American friends yet, so I am doing so here. I hope you all had a great weekend of friends, families, and, of course, football. How I do miss our Thanksgiving gatherings – but I am happy to be as far away as possible from the American Black Friday. It is bad enough here now, I can only imagine how bad it might have gotten over the years since our return to Canada. Yikes!

Thirdly, last night was our most successful Open Mic yet at Anabia Cupcakery Cafe. We hosted eighteen local musicians and ran 3 straight hours of music. Amazing. A huge thank you to the patrons, new and old, of Anabia and to the community that supports this wonderful small business. So grateful for the continued patronage and participation. We are well past the one year mark of Open Mic nights – and only getting stronger.

Looking Forward – 2020

This coming week my family will be welcoming a new member. After the very sad loss of our beloved Jada, the time has come to welcome another Australian Shepherd. There has been a hole in our family for some time now and the love a dog brings to a family is not easily replaced. Jada cannot be replaced. The hole needs filing the same. This little girl is already melting our hearts.

Also this week, my band, Class of 91 will be playing our 5th show. It’s an all-ages show, but licensed. The show is on Thursday, December 5th and we will once again be playing with Oddeline, whom opened for us on our last show. They are definitely worth the trip. There is a $10 cover and the show starts at 8pm. The show is at Pressed Cafe and you can find a map to the venue at the bottom of my website’s Home page. This will be our last show of 2019, but there are no signs of slowing down. There is much more to come!

Gratitude and Time

Time. Time with family and friends. This is the best gift. Though many friends are far away, I am grateful to be surrounded by family, friends, and an amazing community. A community that shows up and is engaged; the importance of community cannot be overstated. I feel the need to express gratitude as often as I can now. I hope to be better at this throughout 2020.

Thank you to those I have had the pleasure to share experience recently and for the time you have given me. To friends not so close, we are coming. The absence and distance are only increasing our longing to see you, and will make for a sweeter reunion!

2019 is not over yet, and the holidays are-a-comin’ but I am already excited for 2020.

Happy Sunday.