My Java Journal

So, … Writing. Cathartic, But Not Easy

Making myself at home at the newest coffeehouse in my little village

I’ve been writing this blog now for well over a year. It started mostly as an action; doing something in the absence of any clear direction (“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso). The secondary intent was to use it as a launch platform for my coffeehouse; or now, any of the other businesses I currently have in nascency.

I’ve discovered that writing is cathartic. I fully enjoy the process, and especially when I find myself (like now) in a coffeehouse typing away. As a routine though, it has proven difficult to develop consistency. Every week I try to get to the writing process sooner than later, with the hope to write something a little deeper, and better researched. Often I find myself with a list of ideas on Friday or Saturday (as now) wondering how I can make this post better than the last. Not going to happen again this week.

Henry Miller suggested one writes first and always; before all else in a day. Hemingway, wrongly credited to suggest to write drunk, and edit sober, apparently never drank before he wrote. I’ve tried writing while drinking; it is neither easy nor effective. Stephen King tries to write 2000 words every day. Again, easier said than done.

In the past I wrote about how I lost me routine when I started working again. This week I have adjusted my work schedule with the hope I can better establish routine. Getting back to running and working out. Hopefully writing 500 words a day. Certainly getting better traction with all the little businesses I have started, but which aren’t moving forward with any real momentum.

So, here’s to a fresh start, a revised schedule and a refocus on those projects that need a boost. The journey remains engaging and liberating, and the creative juices are flowing; now it is just a matter of tweaks and focus, and of course a routine to get things moving forward again.

As always, have an amazing autumn Sunday.