My Java Journal

One Year Of My Java Journal: A Milestone

My Java Journal is one year old!

Pretty amazing. I had no idea the joy and impact writing would have on me and my state of mind. It is cathartic and I recommend trying it; if only by keeping a daily journal (which I also do).

What then should I do to recognize this milestone?

I think a revamp and update to the blog is the best way to recognize this milestone.

My ongoing Happiness Project efforts gave me an idea. At the end of every month I prepare my Happiness goals for the next month. This is part of a monthly review process to consider and measure how I am doing.

February was a good month.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than January. I am definitely making progress, and can affirm that I am happier as a result of the process. March has provided a serendipitous opportunity related to my blog and this refresh. In The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin details the monthly goals she set for herself. One of her March goals was to launch a blog. How apropos.

As a result, I will take my time with the revisions and update of my blog. I will use March to make some cosmetic and substantive changes to the site.

Firstly, a simple refresh is in order. Little things, like swapping out stock images for more personal and relevant ones from the past year. Perhaps an update to the Home and About pages.

Secondly, I will reconsider the intent of this blog. Originally, I meant only to chronicle my journey towards opening a coffeehouse. I wasn’t sure what this meant, exactly, but it was a deliberate step to take action. Some earlier posts about roasting and latte art were written, however, I found over time that the posts that were the most rewarding to write were those that reflected on life and growth. These also generated the most feedback and reaction.

I am not sure where I want to take this, but I will use March to figure it out. I wouldn’t be upset if anyone felt like dropping an email with some thought or comments on what they like best about my posts, or, perhaps, what is not so engaging to read. In many ways I write for myself, but I most certainly have you, my reader, in mind when I am writing.

One goal of this revamp will be about growing my readership. A start would be by asking you to share this blog with anyone you think might enjoy, or gain something from my ramblings.

One year! Incredible. It feels amazing to have created something, a tangible output, and not just be responsive, or reactive, as I have been in the past.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey. I am pointed in the right direction. It took some time after leaving the military to get oriented, but I am on the right track. Skiing instruction, and the employment it offered, probably became a distraction, but it is all just part of the journey and story. I am very happy for the experience.

I finish skiing after the March Break and will thereafter reorient my sights on the larger goals. The updates will get done, the site will be refreshed. Barista work will replace ski instruction, and the business dreams will again take primacy.

I am still considering one of the two VW buses I earlier identified for my mobile shop. Once the snow melts a little, and I can get a proper look at it and hear the engine turn, I will continue my negotiations. More to come.

In closing, have a wonderful Sunday. Get outside. Do something. Take a walk. Go skiing. Birds are now singing in the morning, and certainly the first signs of Spring are upon us. Take it in.