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Paradigm Shift: Adjusting To 21st Century Realities

Last week I solicited feedback for the first time. Many took up the challenge and provided the feedback sought. Thank you.

I presented five company names for reader input last week. The one stipulation was that the names be considered in relation to my logo. You did not disappoint.

Of the five I offered, I have since dropped two completely; Rocinante and Gadabout’s Grind did not make the cut. This was a direct result of the excellent feedback I received.

Recommended changes were provided for the remaining three names; some nuanced, others more aggressive. Another sixteen name suggestions were also added to the list as a result; some were very creative and quite good.

From this expanded list I have narrowed my selection to ten. It includes the three surviving names plus two amended versions, and five new names. Online research is the next step. I will post updates on my progress as it develops.

Although it is important to get the right name, it is also important to ensure that the name chosen can exist uniquely on the Internet. It needs to be searchable, easily identifiable, and memorable. It should not evoke any negative connotation. Likewise, it needs to reflect the feel and vision of what is trying to be presented. It needs to mesh with my logo, which I have come to love.

(Pictured are some early ideas and sketches)

Above all, I would suggest, is acknowledging that it is no longer as simple as considering only local (or even national) competition, or companies. A paradigm shift in promoting small business has occurred in the 21st century. There are only so many .com and .ca domains out there, and, it is no longer just a website and domain game. With platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, for example, it is not only a simple matter of using a secondary top-level domain (TLD) label, such as .net or .org to replace the .coms. If, for example, I want to name my coffee shop Rocinante I could use a .ca TLD ( to distinguish it from a similarly named coffee shop in New Zealand; one that uses a .nz TLD (

This would only cover a singular online instance though, and not necessarily allow me to use the Rocinante Facebook page if that New Zealand Rocinante coffee shop was already using it. I would have to modify my Facebook page to be something similar, such as RocinanteCoffee, as an example. This alone would not preclude me from choosing that name. I would though, need to consider this for all other social media platforms I might be using as well.

Of course, then I need to make sure I am prolific and unique enough in my execution of online activity in order that I rank against other similarly named coffee shops. This directly affects my discoverability – or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not so simple a task as one might have thought. To do it right there are numerous aspects to contemplate.

There you have it. Business considerations in the 21st century: the paradigm shift. A social media strategy is an important step and one that I am trying to get a grip on in advance of naming, branding and developing my business. Getting it right from the start will save much work down the road.

I have the time; a luxury I will not waste in getting it right. This creative component also happens to be one of my favourite parts of this journey.

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