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Podcasts: An Introduction To My Favourites

Time for that podcast list I promised to share. Podcasts and books are symbiotic to me. I read books and listen to podcasts in tandem, relational to what I am focused at the time.

Without further ado then, I will first offer my one go-to podcast; The Art of Manliness.

Now don’t be mislead by the name of this podcast. Although it is directed towards the man who wishes to be the best man he can be, there is something there for anyone trying to better themselves. I’ll quickly list a few here that I drew much value from, and that I think could benefit any demographic.

Art of Manliness Podcasts of Interest:
  2. EXPLORING LIFE’S TRAILS: AoM Podcast #318
  4. KAIZEN METHOD: AoM Podcast #341
  5. MOTIVATION MYTH: AoM Podcast #367
  6. 12 RULES FOR LIFE: AoM Podcast #377

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but I think it offers valuable insight regardless the reader. I believe that it is in being proactive, and deliberate in living, that one can best achieve goals and be successful. For example, my marriage does not need ‘saving,’ and, in fact, I enjoyed this particular podcast (#239) many years after already having been married. I would argue though, that the strength of my marriage is at least partly because I have taken the time to reflect on my marriage, and have tried to make sure it doesn’t need saving.

Some take-aways from this first podcast to support my argument:

1. Find the right attitude (in spite of atmospheric conditions), and adjust to the things beyond your control; and

2. Cherish your wife (remember, the little things matter; a lot – ‘dishes gentlemen, do the dishes!’).

See, simple and valuable advice regardless the reader. Sure, I can do better, but I’m trying.

Another quick example that I took a lot from, and which I think could benefit anyone. In the podcast on the Kaizen Method (#341), applying the concept of 1% improvement, regardless the origin of the concept, has helped me to approach my goals, and chores, in smaller more manageable bites. This has greatly reduced stress, and increased progress – I experience much less ‘paralysis’ now when faced with a daunting or large goal/task.

Enough on The Art of Manliness. You have the links now, so explore and enjoy. Quickly then, and in no specific order, here are a few others I go to regularly:

Other Podcasts of Interest
  1. The Knowledge Project (with Shane Parish) – for varied topics;
  2. The Privacy Security & OSINT Show (previously The Complete Privacy and Security Podcast) – for Internet and personal security information;
  3. Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History – for interest, and very good;
  4. Happier (with Gretchen Rubin) – a compliment to her Happiness Project which I continue to work on this year; and
  5. Ongoing History of New Music (with Alan Cross) – a guilty pleasure I think anyone could enjoy.

Obviously, this list covers more than just self-improvement, but these are my constants.

Hopefully you find something of value, or maybe just simple pleasure from this offering.