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The Power Of Saying Yes And Showing Up

27 April Trivia Night at Anabia Cupcakery Cafe

First, gratitude. Thank you. I remain surrounded, and supported by family and friends on my journey. So grateful.

This week was busier than usual as I started a new barista job at Morning Owl.  Still, I mustered my energies and hosted a Friday night Open Mic, and last night, a packed and very successful Trivia event. Two great and fun evenings. It is always easier when your family and friends are there to support and share in the experience.

This last Open Mic was interesting as the new performers outnumbered those that had been previously. It was a good turn out, but it was a little less busy than usual; maybe due to the wet weather and current flooding in Ottawa. Regardless, I am always appreciative of those that come out to share the evening.

My family was, again, there to support and share in the evening. So too were some friends that came out for their first time. They seemed to really enjoy themselves. I hope so. It means so much to be able to share this journey with others.

This brings us to the topic of this post. Talking with one of my friends, Rob, I was reminded of two mantras I am seeing great benefit from; Say Yes, and Show Up.

So many people encouraged me as I left the military to embark on this new chapter and journey. Some were more vocal in their encouragement, and certain words of encouragement had a massive influence in helping me make the leap; Rob was one of them, and his words were very influential. In sharing these two mantras with Rob on Friday, I hope I was able to reciprocate with words I think are ones to live by.

Say Yes.

You can’t say Yes to everything. But, you can have Yes as your default. By starting with Yes, you start with a positive slant. If you have any interest in what has been presented to you, I urge you to say Yes. Figure out the details and logistics afterwards. You might have to come around to No; but start with Yes.

Show Up.

We all get tired. Certainly, we can all find a reason not to do something, or go somewhere. More often than not though, once we get started or get there, we love it. Many times I come home and just want to crash, but every time I pick myself up and make the effort, it proves worth the effort. Just show up; you can always leave and head back home. Worst case, you’re a little more tired. Best case? Unlimited.

On that note; my next Open Mic is this Friday, May 3rd. It starts at 8pm and is again at Anabia Cupcakery Cafe. Hopefully we see you there.

**Head over to my site Home page for the newly added Events postings. I will update this monthly and make sure you have the information you need to Say Yes and Show Up.

I wish you a wonderful Sunday.