My Java Journal

Shameless Self-Promotion: Open Mics and Trivia Nights

This week I’d like to more formally introduce my relationship to Anabia Cupcakery Café and owner, David De Almeida.  David has become a friend, a mentor and a great resource in understanding the running a coffeehouse business.

I will share a little about David, his business, and his friendship. Furthermore, I will shamelessly self-promote our joint interests.

David shares on his website how Anabia is a story that began when his parents emigrated from Portugal to Canada. He relates the influence his parents had on him, and above all pays homage to his amazing daughters, Ana and Bia; after whom the café is named.

David has created a comfortable setting that offers intimacy and a personal connection with each interaction. Aside from some really tasty cupcakes, he makes a stellar cortado and serves up some of Beau’s finest brews.

David and I share a reciprocal relationship. He has been very open with me about his business, and similarly the challenges he has encountered in running a coffeehouse. Likewise, he has been candid about what works, and most noteworthy, his passion. David’s openness is genuine, and being able to reciprocate is a pleasure.

One day, over coffee, he shared with me how he wanted to stimulate his evening business. We spoke about an earlier open mic event that made for a good night. Seeing a gap I could probably fill, I offered my services. As a result, we’ve hosted several open mic nights to date.

I hadn’t ever hosted an open mic before, although I have played at many. Certainly, I love playing guitar and performing. Consequently, we held an initial open mic night a few months ago, which was quite a success and a lot of fun. We now offer this event monthly. Each iteration has brought out more musicians and the nights have been great enjoyable and engaging.

We have since started offering Trivia Nights every other week as well. These have been a little slower, but still prove to be good nights; and are only getting better. The first night covered a broad spectrum of topics and provided some valuable lessons in how to host trivia. The second round focused on ’80s music trivia. This included questions on the colourful front-men, and front-women of that unique decade. It concluded with a music round that allowed me pull out my turntable and spin some old-school vinyl. Epic!

David has a great business. There are some loyal regulars that are a lot of fun and just great people. The vibe is warm and intimate. I encourage you to make the trip to Barrhaven and check it out; and be sure to give his cupcakes a try. He rotates the cupcake menu daily and it sometimes includes Portuguese specialties I presume are a family recipe. Of course, his cinnamon rolls are always there, and delicious. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays he offers charcuterie boards, and there is a selection of fine alcoholic beverages to wash it down.

Join us for the next Trivia Night on 6 December, or on Friday the 7th of December for the next Open Mic; or both.

Anabia offers other events too, which David posts online.

Have a great Sunday and hope to see you at Anabia Cupcakery Café.