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The Stockholm Stare-Down: An Elusive Ending

So this happened on Thursday …

**************CLICK IMAGE************** ———The Stockholm Stare-down——— Co91 playing their song Stockholm at Pressed Cafe, 5 Dec 2019

Class of 91 played their fifth show on 5 December. We were privileged to follow, for the second time, the amazing band, Oddeline. This band is complex, yet tight and easy to listen too. We had many family, friends, fellow musicians and new faces in the audience. Playing 8 original songs, and filling the bill with Radiohead, Pixies and The The covers, for the the first time we enjoyed a sound-man, monitors, and a stage large enough to hold the whole band!

In finishing our song, Stockholm, Ian and I have always played with how and when to finish the song. I tend to end it on the D chord when I play it to practice, but Ian tends to land on the C or G. No drama, but the exercise of watching each other for the end has become the norm now. It caught some attention on the social media feeds and Ian has dubbed it the Stockholm Stare-down. Me likes! I love playing with these guys.

Playing live with Co91 is quickly becoming one of my greatest joys. Ian, our lead guitarist and vocalist, is writing some incredible material and I personally believe he has created a very unique sound that I think of as distinctly Co91. On drums, Steve is exceptional at pacing and keeping the band on track, while also exploring some nice rolls and syncopation. Fred is introducing truly catchy bass lines that compliment Ian’s leads and fills out the songs nicely. If you haven’t been to a show yet, you need to. We’ll be announcing and promoting our shows primarily on Instagram and Facebook, so make sure you follow us! Of course, I will always be announcing the shows on my Home page as well.

So, a huge thank you to the family and friends that keep showing up to support us. I know the shows can be late. They sometimes require travel, and parking can be an issue. Still – you show up.


I’m not sure where this is all going or where it will lead, but the journey is a blast. Seeing the familiar faces in the crowd, moving to the music, is such an amazing feeling. We don’t have any shows to announce just yet, but we’ll be looking to get some shows announced quickly in the new year. More importantly though, we’ll be working to get our originals out and accessible to everyone.

Currently we have 4 originals available as demos and you can download or enjoy those at these links:

Ottawa has a healthy music scene. So much amazing talent! You can follow the link here to Bytown Sound, which maintains a great calendar for local music. For certain you need to come see Co91, but if 90’s alternative isn’t your thing, have a look and find something you do like. Remember, showing up and saying ‘Yes’ is half the battle. Watch for, and come see the Stockholm Stare-down in real-time.

Happy Sunday!