My Java Journal

Strangers No More: A Recent Coffee Encounter

I haven’t written specifically about coffee for some time. Recently though, I had an amazing coffee experience; where a cup of coffee rendered two people strangers no more.

I was whiling away a couple hours at a coffeehouse while my daughter was in a class. It was one of the, thus far, only nice Sundays this Spring. The streets and coffeehouses were packed. People were, rightly, out enjoying the weather.

I was sipping on an americano and snacking on an oat bar as I worked on preparing last week’s successful Music Bingo. I occupied a small table with two chairs. My laptop, wallet and phone were scattered on the table beside my coffee, snack and a glass of water. The second chair sat empty.

During the time I spent at that table, customers came and went. Some, looking for a place to sit, saw no vacancy and turned and left. That second chair, however, was open, and although I had my stuff spread out, the seat was vacant. I really couldn’t have taken much less space; it was a small table.

After about a half hour, a woman a few years my senior came in for lunch and a coffee. She was out for a bike ride. After ordering a coffee and a sandwich, she walked over to me and asked if the chair was free; she was quick to add that I didn’t need to bother to make any space on the table for her. Of course, I offered the seat and I did make space.

She returned with her meal and took care not to interrupt me. Very courteous. However, this is a coffeehouse; traditionally a place to socialize and share ideas. She wasn’t there but a moment when she saw that I had noticed her looking at the stickers that adorn my laptop. When our eyes met she simply said, “I was just looking at your stickers.” The door was open, the ice broken.

I spent the next hour having a wonderful conversation with her. I never did get back to my work. Work could wait. An opportunity to make a new friend and share an experience, in my mind, cannot be ignored. I offered that my stickers were like tattoos in that they told a story. That began the conversation.

The conversation itself is not important here, but I was sad to bid farewell and take my leave as I had to pick up my daughter. That interaction made my day. In fact, this happened two weeks ago and I am still uplifted in recalling the experience.

My Java Journal began by extolling the virtues of, and my passion for coffee, it’s culture and my experience with it. It is nice to once again have an opportunity to share a coffee moment. I hope you open yourself to similar opportunity. Strangers are only strangers until you introduce yourself.

Quickly before I sign off, you can find all my upcoming events on my site Home page. Notably, June is a packed month with three Open Mic Nights, a Trivia Night, a Music Bingo, and for the the first time my band, Class of 91, will be playing at Anabia. Join me on 1 June as we make our debut.

Happy Sunday. Go turn some strangers into a friends.