My Java Journal

The Business: Some Context – Where It Is Now

Starting your own business isn’t just a job – it’s a way of life.
– Richard Branson

So, I was going to post the first intimate story introducing the details of that first Jagged Peaks business plan; I thought it maybe best to instead begin from where I am now – for context.

Usually the first two questions I get asked when I say I want to open a coffeehouse are:

1. Where is it?

2. What is it called?

It is here I always have to explain that it doesn’t yet exist and I haven’t yet named it, but that I have created a blog and landing page – which you’ve found if you’re reading this.

By now you have a bit of the back story; a longtime dream, an early concept, a love for coffee, and some actions taken over the past year towards realizing this dream.

Where is this business now? A great question. Here is the answer. In January of last year I realized I couldn’t shake this entrepreneurial spirit and I decided to explore some of the resources offered to veterans and by the city, which I was made aware of through a second career seminar that the military provides. I won’t get into specifics on that here, but I will introduce them in detail as this blog progresses.

It was in January of 2017 that I started attending some of the sessions and seminars I was introduced to. As a result I firmly decided to release from the military. That is ongoing and I will see that through in the summer. One session led to another, and another and I have now completed – to the best point feasible – a proper business plan. I have pulled together some start-up capital and have done much, if not most of the primary and secondary research. I have launched this blog, which I intend to serve as a landing page and social media link once I have the flexibility to be responsive to it – which I do not right now. Lastly, I have started actively looking for a location; I have seen over 30 locations across Ottawa, but mostly in the city-center.

I have since re-scoped my geographic search and modified my demographics analysis to adapt to the realities learned from that first round of search. The next step – now that the weather is finally starting to cooperate – is to carry on with the location hunt and hopefully find a few tangible considerations to begin breaking out the actual start-up costs, and narrow the demographic and relational concept designs to inform any subsequent funding efforts and next steps.

So, where is it? I am actively looking. What is it called? I’ll decide that based on the location, as well as this story and the ‘feel’ of the actual coffeehouse once I find it. For now, My Java Journal is the place and you’ll garner from the coming Business posts what the name and concept has become since (and including the details of) Jagged Peaks.

I wish you all a happy Sunday.