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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: A Call To Action

For the next three weeks I am committed to my fundraising efforts for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. This ride happens globally on 29 September 2019, and as of the writing of this post I have already raised over $2000 towards my goal of $2500. Gratitude to all those that have donated thus far.

There are so many charities to donate to, and especially this time of year it seems there is one for every cause. It can be hard to know where to donate your hard-earned money and time. Last year, when I discovered The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride I found my charitable calling. I have been supporting Movember since 2013 (where my magnificent moustache was birthed), and last year I was able to raise close to $1000 for Movember through their partnership with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Being a man, a father, a brother, an uncle, a son, a nephew, a husband, and of course, a moustache-sporting motorcyclist, everything about this charity resonates with me.

I decided this year to focus all my energies on this charity annually now. The goal I have set for myself is to raise more each year than the previous year. Together we have already doubled the fruits of my efforts from last year.

This post is a call to action

I am confident I will reach my goal this year. The more I raise this year, the harder it will be next. I want this challenge, so challenge me. Share this post and the links at the bottom of this post with your friends and family.  Share it at work. Contribute yourself. Someone you know has dealt with prostate cancer and there is a man in your life somewhere struggling. The more I raise this year, the more I will have to do next year to beat it. MAKE THIS HARD FOR ME.

Morning Owl Manotick has agreed to support me in my fundraising, and Anabia Cupcakery Café and their wonderful patrons have already helped me raise over $500. To further draw awareness to this charity I will be dressing dapper each day I work at Morning Owl, and I will be posting on Instagram all the efforts and steps I take to raise awareness and funds. If you’re not following Instagram you can also find my posts on this site’s Gallery.

Even $1 helps. Twenty gets you a tax receipt (when you donate through my sponsorship page). Regardless the amount, you have my gratitude and I promise you, the respect of the over 50,000 + riders globally. Plus, it’s a great feeling (and for me it’s fun to dress dapper).

Thank you again to all those that have donated and been so supportive.


To sponsor me directly use this link: Brock at DGR

Learn more about The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride at this portal: DGR

Read about Movember here: Movember