My Java Journal

And This Too Shall Pass.

Another year. Will this one be better?

In the past two years I’ve had some of my highest highs and my lowest lows. I’ve settled into equilibrium of late, but these most recent restrictions aren’t helping.

Even before the New Year was toasted in, 2022 felt deflated. School would be virtual, and restrictions were coming – again. Groundhog Day was, essentially, a month early – again. I didn’t feel sad. Not even mad. Only melancholic. A little gloomy.

Writing has always helped. I had let this slip. I write now.

This Too Shall Pass.

Fact is, most everyone in my life now is vaccinated. Getting COVID means likely little more than the sniffles or a headache.

Fact is, in reality, access to the vaccines is easy now – perhaps a short wait. Most I know have received their vaccines when, even where they have decided. Sure, a little travel perhaps to get it on a date and time of their choosing, but that choice and access was there.

Fact is, whether the hospitals are or are not overwhelmed I was able to get into one for a surgery to deal with a possible cancer scenario. There was no cancer.

Fact is, there is food on the table. Even if it costs a bit more. Nothing that can’t be budgeted for, even if I have to go without elsewhere.

Fact is, my kids remain healthy. Their mental health may suffer in the future, but they have tools to cope; friends and family are accessible, rock climbing (although intermittent), skiing, school (although this may be a negative with it’s constant changes and stresses; it is still a focus, a view to a future they can exert some control over, and that can be shared with friends).

Fact is, we are lucky. Luckier than most. Whatever the restrictions that exist and have plagued us (pun intended) these past two years,

these too shall pass.

To my children, to those that might need to hear this, I say,

this too shall pass, you have done well.

You have done well. This that we are going through now will make us stronger. It provides a marker in our lives of another obstacle overcome. COVID, you will see, is only a paragraph in our stories, which are many chapters long – we soon will turn the page.

Turn The Page

If we can’t yet turn the page on COVID, we can write another paragraph towards that end.

Find someone to hug and let know you love them. Write. Walk. Do something, anything, today, every day, that COVID can’t touch.

Read a book. Write a book. Do a pushup. Do two.

For me, today, I’ve written (after too long a pause). Today, I win.

Tomorrow, I got it; you got it. The page will turn; go ahead and write the next sentence, the next paragraph.

This too shall pass.

Just ask Sheldon Cooper… enjoy (click)

I’ve realized that I’ve dropped my writing as it was no longer a positive for me. This was largely because of the pressure to get it out each Sunday.

The writing comes easy. The editing takes time. The posting needs a review and the process is not short. Longer still is the dissemination. So…

I’ve decided to just write. To enjoy, again, the process – without the deadline. I will write, and when I am happy with the words, themes and tone of what I’ve written I will post it. That’s it. When its ready its ready. Then I will disseminate.

It’s means an erratic frequency, but that is better (for me anyway) than not writing at all. So here it is. The next post and email will come when it comes; maybe later, perhaps sooner. Thank you for sticking with me. This hasn’t been easy on any of us. But,

this too shall pass.