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Introducing Victoria: Girl Gone Good


It is important to support, celebrate, and promote other’s accomplishments. Whether it’s your kids, your spouse, your family, or your friends. Today I will do so for Victoria, a friend.

This is a localized post. However, it may prompt those of you from outside the Ottawa area to find similar resources in your own. Or, perhaps, it may come in handy for future trips to the beautiful Ottawa region

Silver Linings

COVID-19 restrictions have been tough. It hasn’t been without some silver linings though. For example, it has been a welcome sight to see so many people enjoying the outdoors. I’ve seen more people walking and biking around the community than ever before; and you know how I feel about walking. Our access to parks, water launches and trails has been steadily increasing. This is seeing even more people getting out-of-doors and enjoying myriad activities.

But, so too has our access to patios and shopping begun to increase. I truly hope that access to these more sedentary activities doesn’t completely detract from the beneficial outdoor lifestyle adjustments many have made in the past months.

So, I offer the following to help promote these healthy lifestyle adjustments, and of course, to promote a friend’s amazing work and passion. I have linked to and mentioned her work previously, but this is your formal introduction to Girl Gone Good.

Girl Gone Good

Victoria, the girl behind Girl Gone Good, has now just turned her online resources into a tactile and physical guide for hikers of all levels and interests. The online resources she has been sharing are still there. The site continues to be developed and only gets better. With packing guides, challenges, coffeehouse guides, and downloadable resources, Girl Gone Good is your one-stop for all things hiking in Ottawa and the surrounding area; and by surrounding area, I mean a 2-hour radius around the National Capital Region!

A 2020 Guide To Hiking Trails In Ottawa And Region

Now available is her A 2020 Guide to Hiking Trails in Ottawa and Region. This is downloadable from her site (and the link just provided), or you can find your hard-copy throughout the region – I will list some locations at the end of this post. You may need to follow her on Instagram to find new locations near you, but you can also contact her for that information too.

With portions of proceeds going to Boots On The Ground, a peer support group for first-responders, and the Mississippi-Madawaska Land Trust and their conservation efforts, this is a useful purchase that you will benefit from, and which will support a wonderful person, her passion, and her charitable initiatives. She is a fellow blogger and veteran, and has an interesting and inspirational story. She is a giant heart who supports noble causes, your health, and local small business.

So why not stay healthy, be informed, and support a beautiful soul, local small business and charities along the way. If this doesn’t interest you, why not share this guide and site with others you know that it will interest. Community is a pillar of happiness, and this is a wonderful way to invest in and nurture ours.

Where To Find Your 2020 Guide

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