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What’s In A Name? Virtual Focus Group

This post is written with some potentially significant advances to the business dream pending. I am currently working out my ‘recipes’ and menu. Nothing to announce yet, but perhaps soon.

I am posting here my first article specifically to solicit feedback. I do not have a comments function on my blog, so I am asking that those interested in providing feedback do so through the Contact Page of my site, or by emailing me direct at

Let’s get to it then.

My Java Journal was designed to chronicle and share my journey. My Java Journal is not the name of any actual coffeehouse. It is this blog where I will announce such things as the launch of the coffeehouse; when and where it would be opening. First though, I need a name. The logo will stay. It will be the continuity throughout. So keeping the logo in mind …

… the coffeehouse needs a name; a name that compliments the logo – or at least the spirit of it. Without further ado then, following are some ideas which I am soliciting feedback on.

  1. The Crooked Stache
  2. The Dapper Drip
  3. Gadabout’s Grind; or The Gadabaout
  4. Rocinante
  5. Bro’hemian Cafe


What does my logo make you think of? Is there a better name to consider?

Of course, one of the challenges after deciding on a name is making sure it is available on the Internet and across social media platforms. An initial search has been done, and with the exception of Rocinante they all seem fairly clear. I will continue to research this and will apply more rigour as the list narrows.

I am preparing for a busy week which culminates on Friday, 19 October at Anabia Cupcakery Cafe for the open mic I am hosting there again. Consider joining me for a latte, pint or glass of wine, and of course a cupcake. Even better, get on up and strum a tune.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement for a trivia night that I will also be hosting in early November.

Congratulations to Kaoru at Cha Cha Tea for a successful 12 years!

Enjoy your beautiful autumn Sunday!